Privacy Introduction

Privacy Policy – how we store and use your data

The new GDPR legislation came into effect on 25th May 2018. We take your privacy and your rights to your data extremely seriously, we always have. Below is our Privacy Policy and our pledge to you, our customers, never to misuse your data.

The Data We Store

  • If you opt into our newsletter your order history is shared with our Newsletter provider (currently Mailchimp).
  • We never share your data with any other third party.

What We Do With Your Data

  • If you have opted into our newsletter we will send you occasional and relevant information; for example: offers, events, news, etc.
  • If you have opted to receive targeted emails we may use your details to contact you with specific information relevant to you.

Our Security

  • We do not store any client information on our website.

Gaining Consent

  • You must consent, we do not automatically subscribe you to any email lists.
  • You can also sign up here

Opting Out

  • By default you are opted out from our newsletter.
  • You must opt in by signing up using the link above.
  • All our newsletters go out with a unsubscribe link at the bottom.


  • All e-commerce websites use cookies to keep track of what’s in your cart, check if you’re logged in and other essential bits and bobs.
  • We also use cookies to:
    • track user movement through our website so we can better improve its functionality,
    • build up a more comprehensive overview of the demographics of our users.
  • Other than the cookies that provide essential functionality, all data is anonymised and we cannot link it to a specific user.

Our Commitment

If you are unhappy with, or unsure about, the data we collect please feel free to contact us. We try to be absolutely transparent about what we collect and why we collect it. We just want to provide you with good service, that’s all – no secret underground lair, no plans to take over the world 😉


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